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20 December 2009 @ 10:12 am
This is the friends-only journal of an aardwolf. You can call me Aardy if'n you like.

Some of my stuff is out in the open, but the majority of my journal is friends only. Please comment if you'd like in as I don't often check an' see who has added me. I might not see you ever. D:
25 May 2009 @ 01:02 am


I have a new livejournal account. It's HERE.
I wanted to have a different name and didn't want to bother with spending actual money to do so.

See you all there~ :3
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I am really trying now... I will be a super duper expert! X33 It's just that I've been wavering as to if I want to continue doing art. I've decided, YES. One of the most fun parts about art is looking back and seeing that you've made an improvement. Seeing that things you couldn't handle or understand are now second nature. Before I wouldn't be able to look at a piece and see where all the hard work went, but now I can study an image and make sense of all the tiny things.

I am partially putting these here to show them off, but mainly keeping them all together for my own use to review later.

Some Inspiring Images

Also, thinking about opening up my journal again. Personal things would be left friends only, as well as any adult art. It's been a while since I even used filters to keep certain people from certain topics, it just seems a lot of what I post doesn't warrant a friend lock.

NOW. Instead of going and doing some art, I think I'm going to play some Team Fortress Two. X3
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